As our audiences are consuming more content on more platforms than ever before, you need to develop stronger content. This new state-of-the-art facility equips you to produce more and better content.

We can give you the space and the equipment you need to create what you imagine.

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50,000 square feet of wired production and talent support areas include:

  • 2 Green Rooms
  • 2 Hair and Make-Up Rooms
  • 24 Offices *Subject to availability
  • 12 cubicle areas *Subject to availability
  • 2 Conference Rooms *Subject to availability
  • 16 Dressing Rooms of which 6 have private restrooms
  • Wardrobe Area with washer and dryer
  • Prop Storage Area: 1,262 square feet
  • Commissary: 1,570 sq. feet
  • Carpentry Shop
  • 87 parking spaces *subject to availability


Twelve suites (secured, firewalled and virus-protected), built around an Avid ISIS 5500 SAN with dual 64Tb engines. Includes:

  • Two Avid Symphony and Four Avid Media Composer workstations, all featuring DNxIO breakout boxes, GenArts Sapphire plug-in, and aggregate-link (2x1GbE) Ethernet to ISIS

  • Two Graphics workstations with Adobe-CC (full suite)

  • Two Color Correction workstations with Adobe-CC (full suite), DaVinci plus Color Artist consoles

  • Two QC stations with Adobe-CC suite, Avid Media Composer, as well as Tektronix WVR-5200 scope and rasterizer.

  • Two Harris DL-870 legalizers (with two inputs and outputs each), all routable through the house router, with web-based controls available from any post workstation for legalization through live playback and record.

  • One 5.1 mix room, acoustically-tuned, with regulated ISO tech power, ProTools (Mac Pro), Avid S6 EUCON control surface, 16 x 16 I/O and SyncHD

  • Full in-house engineering and Avid support