Let’s create multi-platform content

There is a global increasing demand for new exciting content. You need creative ideas that will allow you to tell unique stories in innovative ways. This facility brings those ideas to life. It features two 15,000 square-foot sound stages with 40-foot ceilings with on-site production, lighting, grip equipment and services.

VIS also offers ample of facilities, including office space and post-production, dressing, wardrobe and conference rooms.

Let’s talk ideas


      STUDIOs 1 & 2

  • Studio One: 15,252 sq. feet
  • Studio Two: 15,278 sq. feet
  • 40’ to ceiling
  • Adjustable-height power grids with 384 individual 20A circuits
  • Grid capacity is 10 pound per square foot
  • ETC control
  • Five 400A service panels (camlocks) with 3-phase 208v
  • Additional convenience and tech power outlets
  • Six A/V connection panels with SDI to/from house router, Reference, Masterclock, Audio and LTC connections, and production LAN connection
  • 40 tons AC System per studio

Green & White Cyclorama

  • Play Plex Lab 1: 1,443 square fee

  • Cyclorama - 18 ft deep x 30 ft wide x 10 ft tall

  • 6K space lights (6), 2K Junior Head (4) and Kino Flo Image 80 (2)

  • 36,000 BTU AC System

  • Ideal for short form content including interviews, music videos and basically anything else that comes to mind.

  • Virtual tour

Swing space

  • Play Plex Lab 2: 1,184 square feet
  • 37 ft long x 20 ft wide x 25 ft tall
  • Here’s an idea! This space can also serve as school when working with young talents.