Let’s create multi-platform content

There is a global increasing demand for new exciting content. You need creative ideas that will allow you to tell unique stories in innovative ways. This facility brings those ideas to life. It features two 15,000 square-foot sound stages with 40-foot ceilings with on-site production, lighting, grip equipment and services.

VIS also offers ample of facilities, including office space and post-production, dressing, wardrobe and conference rooms.

Let’s talk ideas



+ 900 hours has been produced

+ 27 formats has been sold in 15 different languages

+ 4500 hours of programming has been sold

+ 12 fictions completed

+ 60 countries reached

+ 60 projects are on going

During the first year, the studio business has had double-digits in terms of revenue and has had a significant increase in hours of production in different countries around the world.